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Having started our business through trust and respect for our farmers, we enjoy strong, long-term relationships with the co-operatives we buy from. We work directly with 29 producer organisations in 13 countries across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The passion and expertise they bring to every one of our products mean we are able to offer the best tasting coffee, tea and cocoa to all of our customers. It’s a ridiculously good partnership that we value above anything.

Want to know more? See below for more info on our excellent partners:


We work with nearly 25,000 smallholder growers from an amazing nine grower organisations in Peru. You can taste the chocolaty flavours from Peruvian coffees in several of our products, including our award winning Machu Picchu organic gourmet coffee.

São Tomé

São Tomé, also known as Chocolate Island, is steeped in cocoa farming history and renowned for its high quality cocoa bean – the criollo bean. Cafédirect, in partnership with the IFAD and DFID, has been working closely with cocoa farmers there for the past two and a half years. The work has been centered on enabling them to increase their capacity to process raw cocoa, resulting in better prices for farmers and a luxury hot chocolate for you to enjoy!


The world’s biggest coffee producer, Brazil is the newest addition to our origin countries. The coffee from Brazil goes into our delicious blends – Smooth Roast, Lively Roast, Intense Roast and Espresso – creating the smooth caramel notes we love so much. Our producer partner here is COOPFAM.


Colombian coffee is known as one of the best tasting coffees in the world and our grower partners, COSURCA, come from a region particularly renowned for its coffee – the Cauca region, in Southern Colombia. COSURCA was formed in 1993 with sponsorship from the UN to support alternative crops to coca and offer farmers the chance to improve their livelihoods by producing high quality coffee instead.

Costa Rica

The highland areas of Costa Rica have the ideal conditions for growing amazing coffees. Here, we work with the farmers at the Llano Bonito cooperative. Click on the link below to find out more.

Dominican Republic

We work with over 16,000 cocoa and coffee smallholder growers from two organisations; Conacado and Fedecares in the Dominican Republic. The coffee is mild and soft and the cocoa rich and velvety. Click on the links below for more information on Fedecares and CONACADO.


Cafédirect works with 6,500 coffee smallholder growers at the Recocarno co-operative in Haiti. The coffee beans are well adapted to the Haitian climate and soils and they thrive at higher elevations in a cooler, drier climate.


Cafédirect works with nearly 5,000 farmers from two co-operatives in Nicaragua: PRODECOOP and Cecocafen. Nicaraguan coffee is renowned for its individual flavoured coffee because of the very high altitudes and volcanic soil in which the beans grow.


Coffee was first planted in Mexico in the late 1700s and since then farmers have continued to develop their techniques with organic farming becoming increasingly popular. Here, we work with the Huatusco cooperative.


We work with three smallholder tea grower organisations in Kenya: Michimikuru, Kiegoi and OEP. The expert growers of these organisations handpick the tea leaves carefully, only choosing two leaves and a bud, to ensure you get the freshest, best tasting tea possible.


In Tanzania we work with coffee and tea farmers located all around the country, from the fertile volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the moist soils of Lake Victoria.


In Uganda we work with tea and coffee smallholder growers from six organisations. The fertile soil, tropical weather and high altitude all contributes to the great tasting tea and coffee they produce.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a long tradition of tea cultivation; it is renowned for its high quality tea and is the world’s third biggest tea producing country. We work with 464 smallholder tea growers at the Kelliewatte organisation in Sri Lanka.


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