Norandino  (Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda.) is located in the Piura region of Northern Peru, and now represents 7,000 small-scale farmers. Norandino’s farmers are spread across the coastal, mountainous and jungle regions of the north of Peru; in the departments of Piura, Tumbes, Amazonas, Cajamarca and San Martín.

A special relationship

We have worked with Norandino since 1997. This long relationship has seen us work together on a ground-breaking reforestation project since 2010.   As a result of climate change, heavy rainfall caused mudslides and devastation to the area and its coffee farms.  Reforestation provides protection and a source of income for the community through carbon credits sales.

Cafédirect is different from other buyers. It really cares about the problems grower organisations are facing.

Santiago Paz, Sales Manager, Norandino

Experts in climate adaptation

The cooperative uses its expertise in climate adaptation to run a Centre of Excellence, where it provides support and training to farmers across Peru.  Our non-profit partners Producers Direct set up the centre to provide training in agroforestry and carbon capture.