Our Blends range highlights the direct improvement you have on gender equality, climate action and youth opportunities in farming communities when you drink our coffee.

As a proud social enterprise, we’re in business to tackle global issues. We do this through the coffee you buy and our sister organisation, Producers Direct.  This might sound like charity work, but our impact is far from being a handout. Producers Direct is led by farmers, for farmers, to harness their power and potential.

Delicious coffee with impact

Hear more about the projects from Producers Direct’s CEO, Claire Rhodes

Levelling the playing field

Over 80% of coffee is grown by 25 million small-scale farmers.  We rely on this entrepreneurial community who are experts in growing coffee, but climate change and a lack of resources leaves them disadvantaged.  Our people and planet initiatives with Producers Direct address this on the ground.

Huadquina coffee picker

A positive vision for change

Thanks to you, we’ve driven positive change across the globe for over 30 years.   So, keep drinking into our positive vision for the future and Be the Change.

Better lives, better planet and better tasting coffee. Now that’s better for everyone.

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