Set in a rare cloud forest

Based in one of Mexico’s most pristine natural environments, the CESMACH cooperative sits within a nature reserve in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Southern Mexico.  This rare mountain rainforest and tropical jungle is positioned at high altitude, and the coffee farms exist in this extremely isolated location.

I really appreciate the work done by Cafédirect. They also are interested in the producer, contrary to other companies that are only interested in the product.

Silvia Roblero Torres, farmer CESMACH member

CESMACH support the industry with climate adaptation

Surrounded by lush flora and diverse fauna, the members of CESMACH have always had a strong sense of guardianship of their environment.  They farm organically to protect the surrounding nature and a technical team supports its network of farmers with training on this. 

The cooperative has also been instrumental in supporting the region’s coffee industry to adapt to climate change through creating an international forum to address the concerns.

It is really magnificent the work Cafédirect does. Because you are helping us with training and that is really important for us.

Benjamin Gordillo López, farmer member of CESMACH

Our long-lasting support of CESMACH

We’ve worked with CESMACH since 2003.  As partners, we showed that they could count on us when Hurricane Stan ravaged their land in 2005 and we donated an emergency support fund to help them back on their feet.  And we know we can always count on them for their highest quality coffee.

Cafédirect really seeks to establish a close relationship with the farmers and I appreciate that a lot. I have not seen that with any other buyers.

Victorico Velasquez Morales, farmer member of CESMACH

CESMACH produces coffee for…

Mayan Gold

Our range

Smooth and dark with a caramel sweetness.