Our London Fields roastery sits among a vibrant scene of local artisan breweries, bakeries and cafes, a stone’s throw away from the famous Broadway Market. The roastery is the heart of Cafèdirect and it’s where some of our greatest ideas come from. It’s a place to experiment, explore different coffees, develop new products and train baristas.

A big part of the London Fields roastery experience is that the coffee is small-batch roasted to its own particular taste profile. The team at the roastery work tirelessly to find the best roast for each coffee, testing different profiles, cupping each batch and selecting the perfect one. By small-batch roasting, it’s easier to control the process ensuring a superior quality that can’t be matched on a large scale.


A well rounded coffee with notes of caramel, hints of nutty praline and sweet molasses to give a smooth, sweet, softly balanced flavour experience

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Roaster’s Choice

Rich & smooth espresso with velvety chocolate ganache body balanced with fudge and nougat sweetness.

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Full bodied, smooth velvet mouthfeel with dark chocolate, golden raisin notes and sweet hazelnut finish.

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