Coffee farmers tell us that climate change is their biggest problem.

Sustainability is woven through everything we do across the business and with our farmer partners. 


We work with Fairtrade certified farmers who protect forests and biodiversity.    They have funding and training to reduce the use of chemicals, produce organically and plant trees.  They’re also advised on soil health, plant nutrition and water conservation.

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Producers Direct

Producers Direct is our non-profit farmer led partner.  With our support, they provide funding, technology, training and advice so that farmers can manage their farms sustainably. This means protecting their environment but also adapting to their ever-changing climate.

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Science Based Targets

Joining the Science Based Targets initiative means we’re reducing our carbon footprint to meet international climate change goals.  By 2025 we will reduce our own* greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, and to 50% by 2030 (from our 2019 baseline).   We’re also measuring and reducing emissions from our suppliers and customers, as part of our science-based commitment to net zero by 2040.**

*Our own operations include emissions produced from Scopes 1 and 2

**This will include emissions produced by scopes 1,2 & 3

Our emissions

B Corp certified

Our B Corp certification shows our commitment to climate action.  We are assessed on regenerating ecosystems and measuring our carbon impact to minimise the footprint of our operations and supply chains.  We have an ongoing commitment with our long-term farmer partners to invest in innovative solutions to protect and restore the environment.

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Organic certification

72% of the coffee we buy is organic and certified by the Soil Association.  This means that the coffee is grown using nature-friendly farming methods, with minimal environmental impact.

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Gold Standard

Our Gold Standard are our guiding principles on how to manage the business ethically and responsibly.  It’s our duty to protect and restore our planet and this framework shows the targets we’ve set on how to do this.

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Regenerative farming

Our ambition is for all our products to be grown using regenerative farming practices by 2030.  This means farming that focuses on contributing to the health of ecosystems and communities.   

We are developing our Regenerative Agriculture Principles with the expertise of our partners, Producers Direct.


Our retail roasted and instant coffee is now in recyclable packaging.  This amounts to 99% of our total packaging across our business.

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