Our longest-standing partner

We have worked with Chirinos (La Prosperidad de Chirinos) since Cafédirect was founded in 1991, when they were a part of a larger cooperative, Cecooag Nor.

The cooperative is based in the San Ignacio province of north-eastern Peru representing 810 small-scale farming families. Due to the altitude, climate and soil of the region their coffee has characteristics that give it an acidity, flavour, body and aroma that has made it award winning.

Chirinos invests in its farmers

Set up in 1968, the cooperative supports their members in growing high-quality organic coffee  which has contributed to the social and economic development of the area.  

The Fairtrade Premium they receive for the members’ coffee has allowed for:

  • improving the quality of the coffee through training field technicians, young farmers and a quality control officer,
  • providing financial loans to farmers, and
  • funding across health, education, technology and community outreach.

The cooperative has also installed a youth committee, so as to encourage young people to get involved with farming from an early age, in a variety of different roles.

For all these years Cafédirect has generated sustainable development through better opportunities for our farmers. It’s improved the quality of life of our families.

Michael Anthony Montalvan Tineo, General Manager, La Prosperidad de Chirinos

Experts in award-winning quality coffee

Chirinos members support other farmers across Peru with improving the quality of their coffee through training, support and advice provided at their Centre of Excellence. This Centre was set up by Producers Direct, our non-profit partner, who are led by farmers, for farmers.  

In 2022, Chirinos won first place in the prestigious Golden Cup awards for the best quality container (large quantity) of coffee.

Fairtrade premiums have helped us build an organic fertilizer plant that allows us to provide affordable, environmentally-friendly inputs to our members, improve our quality, and improve the income received by each member from their coffee.

Miguel Esteban Ramirez, Chirinos farmer member