Farming at extreme altitude

Huadquiña is a small cooperative that was discovered on some of the highest mountain sides where coffee grows in the remote town of Santa Teresa, in Cusco, Peru.  Located  in the Andrean Mountains and close to the Inca site of Machu Picchu, their extreme altitude contributes towards producing excellent quality coffee.

It’s a small cooperative made up of 288 coffee farmers, and 23% are women.

Our friends of Cafédirect played an important role supporting us in the more difficult years in 1998 for which we will be eternally grateful.

Tany Curi Leon, farmer member of Huadquiña

Award-winning coffee

We’re proud to have worked with them since 1994, when they were part of a larger cooperative called COCLA.   Since then, with training, investment and a guarantee of sales, they’ve become very successful.   They have won several major awards for their specialty organic coffee, achieving extremely high scores rarely achieved anywhere in the world.

Nature is sacred

For Huadquiña’s members, it’s culturally important to work in harmony with nature.  They believe that nature deserves to be respected for the life and income it provides. Over the years, they’ve been able to invest and develop in organic practices that restores their environment.

Nature gives us life and income to support our families, so we believe that we will be rewarded for working in harmony with it.

Tany Curi Leon, farmer member of Huadquiña

Our long history together

We have a remarkable history and affinity with Huadquiña.  On our podcast, hear Richard Hide, the buyer who discovered our best-selling coffee, explain the rescue mission we were involved with following a mudslide.  

Huadquiña produces coffee for…

Machu Picchu

Our range

100% organic Arabica, Rich and smooth with overtones of fine, dark chocolate