Member welfare is key

We love working with COOCENTRAL because their top priority is making life better for the 3,000 farmer members and their families.   This is shown by the wealth of education, housing and health programmes they have provided for all cooperative members. By taking care of their members, the farmers have more time to focus on the quality of their coffee which attracts a higher price for their produce.

The COOCENTRAL cooperative sits in the Andes mountains in the Huila region in southern Colombia.

The success of the cooperative is vitally important, and our approach is to preserve the welfare of our members’ families and ensure environmentally responsible production.

Camila Lamilla Ramirez, farmer COOCENTRAL member

COOCENTRAL invest in their environment

They are committed to caring for their natural environment and preserving their land for the future generation.  They provide continuous training, support and advice to all members on environmentally friendly agriculture and have achieved numerous sustainability certifications by doing so. 

COOCENTRAL produces coffee for…

Colombia Reserva

Our range

Soft and velvety with a chocolatey finish.