Our point of difference is our long-term partnerships with farmers.  Over 78% of our partnerships with farmers have been for over 20 years.

Coffee is a risky and volatile market, and so the security of repeat business means a lot to a farmer. It means they can invest in the quality of their coffee, their environment, and their community.  Over the years, we’ve seen our partners go from strength to strength.  

Our network of coffee cooperatives is far reaching. We work with 25 coffee cooperatives across Latin America and Tanzania reaching over 100,000 small-scale farmers. 



Huadquiña is a small cooperative that was discovered on some of the highest mountain sides where coffee grows.  

We’ve worked with Huadquiña since 1994.  Training, investment, and a guarantee of sales have helped them grow the best coffee in Peru.  Huadquiña has won major awards for their specialty organic coffee, achieving record high scores in the country.  Their green beans create our best-selling Machu Picchu roasted coffee, which shows our customers love it too.

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Huadquina coffee picker


COOCENTRAL’S  top priority is making life better for the 3,000 coffee farmer members and their families.  This is shown by the wealth of education, housing and health programmes they have provided for all cooperative members. As a result of their commitment to preserving the natural environment, they’ve achieved a wide range of sustainability certifications.

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COOCENTRAL coffee cooperative


We’ve worked with CESMACH since 2003. We’ve developed a close relationship and supported them where and when they’ve needed it the most. Located in a rare and protected cloud forest, the members of CESMACH have always had a strong sense to protect their environment. They’ve been instrumental in supporting the region’s coffee industry to adapt to climate change.

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CESMACH coffee cooperative


Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda. is particularly intertwined with the Cafédirect story.  We’re particularly proud to that our reforestation project with Norandino led to them to become the first small producer organisation to trade in carbon credits.    Norandino shares their expertise in climate adaptation with other farmers at their  Centre of Excellence, set up by our partners, Producers Direct.

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Norandino coffee cooperative

La Prosperidad de Chirinos

We’ve worked with Chirinos since Cafedirect was founded in 1991.  Chirinos specialise in growing high-quality organic coffee and they support their members to do this.  They also share this knowledge with other farmers across the region at their Centre of Excellence, which has contributed to the social and economic development of the area.  Chirinos achieved recognition for their excellent coffee at The Golden Cup 2022 where they won best quality container (large quantity of coffee).

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Kimuli Agriculture Cooperative Union

Kimuli has been our coffee partner since 2015. The Fairtrade Premium has helped their members build a successful and resilient coffee business and much needed infrastructure to benefit the community.

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Coffee plant