Introducing our new coffee range that highlights our direct positive impact on people and the planet. Enjoy this range knowing that you are directly improving gender equality, climate action and youth opportunities in farming communities across the world.



Discover our smoothest coffee, medium roasted for a balanced flavour and natural sweetness.


EMPOWER: We are stronger together

Women in agriculture face multiple barriers that limit their ability to earn enough to afford a decent standard of living. Challenges include a lack of access to credit and land, which is exacerbated by low financial and digital literacy, and a lack of access to training in technical skills and knowledge in coffee production.  

Our partners, Producers Direct work by harnessing the collective energy of men and women to redress the injustices faced by coffee growing communities.  This powerful community plays an important role in safeguarding our natural resources and they have the potential to rewrite the future for sustainable and inclusive coffee production.



Discover our vibrant, well-rounded coffee roasted medium-dark to deliver a deliciously nutty taste.


RESTORE: Taking action against climate change

We work with our farmer-led partner, Producers Direct to provide training, funding, technology and technical support for farmers to adapt to and mitigate against climate change.  Not only does this help to restore the land and biodiversity, but it also improves yields and coffee quality, boosting incomes and community health and welfare.

Producers Direct also established Centres of Excellence in Peru and Uganda, which are farmer-run enterprises that provide complete comprehensive environmental support.



Discover our deliciously dark roasted coffee blended to deliver a rich, intense flavour.


THRIVE: Investing in tomorrow’s future

Producers Direct works directly with farmers in cooperatives to grow their businesses.  We share our profits with Producers Direct, who generate youth involvement in farming by:

  • Fostering a variety of employment opportunities ranging from farming and selling, to logistics and digital specialist roles.

This includes training young people to support farmers in various ways including using the Farm Direct app, helping them to sell surplus produce, track their budgets and access training and information.

  • Providing low-interest loans that traditionally young people in agriculture cannot access and investing in youth-led agri-enterprises.
  • Scholarships to support young people in communities with professional skills.