From day one, Cafédirect has been a purpose-led business with genuine partnerships with coffee farmers who deserve better. 

By sharing the profits of the coffee we sell, we’ve made an incomparable impact over 30 years – our customers should be proud.   Our long-term partnerships not only make lives better, but our coffee better, too.   

It’s why we exist

Cafédirect launched in 1991 in response to unfair trading.  The market price of coffee had fallen well below the cost of production.  In a radical move, Cafédirect was set up to work in partnership with 3 farmer cooperatives in Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica, and sell their coffee on their behalf.

Leading the way

This marked  the beginning of direct trade in the industry in the UK.  We cut  out the middleman and shared profits equally with the farmers.   30 years on, this has resulted in over £30 million for farmers – thanks to our customers’ love for better quality coffee.

Driving change

We’re still driving change in the industry.  We were the first coffee company to become both Fairtrade and more recently B Corp certified, and now the highest-scoring B Corp consumer coffee brand.

And through our partner Producers Direct, we support ground-breaking  initiatives and award-winning technology that increases farmers’ incomes and helps to restore the environment.

Our Gold Standard

Our Gold Standard is a responsible growth framework that guides the positive change we make.

This framework  was laid out by the four charities that set us up in 1991 in a response to unfair trade and it has evolved over time.

The Gold Standard guarantees that we:

  • always pay a fair price for coffee
  • include farmers in our governance and business decision making and
  • reinvest our profits into producer support and development programmes.


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