Our sustainability and ethical credentials demonstrate that we strengthen the communities and natural environments we work in.  

B Corp: one of the highest scoring coffee brands

As a certified B Corp, we are independently assessed to measure our high standards of social and environmental performance.  When you buy from a B Corp it’s a step towards a better world for everyone.

We led the way and became the first UK coffee company to be awarded this prestigious certification in 2018.  Our latest assessment achieved a phenomenal  score of 126.2 – one of the highest scoring UK coffee brands.


The UK’s first and largest Fairtrade coffee company

We are the UK’s first  and  largest Fairtrade coffee company, so just by  drinking our coffee you’re having a positive impact in the world.   It’s not just about a fair price – it’s about sustainable livelihoods and better lives for whole communities.

£21.6 million in Fairtrade Premiums to date

Organic certified

Support nature with our organic certified productsThe Soil Association certification means they’ve been grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers and with minimal environmental impact.

Farmers receive $0.30 per lb more for organic coffee, so it’s better for them too.

 £2.7m in organic premiums to date.


Social enterprise

We’re a member of Social Enterprise UK which means we’re in business to tackle global issues.  Through our farmer partnerships we create better lives for farmers through better coffee – and reinvest our profits for this purpose.