Our coffee helps to RESTORE our planet through farmer-led initiatives.

By working with nature, the farmers we work with help to restore our planet.  Tree planting, wildlife conservation and healthy soils replenish the natural environment and produce high-quality coffee that you can enjoy, knowing it was grown responsibly.

Climate Action

Farmers tell us that climate change is their biggest challenge right now.  It’s an immediate and ever-increasing threat to the livelihoods of farmers and workers across the world.  Despite contributing least to the climate crisis, small-scale farmers in climate vulnerable countries are disproportionately affected. They also have fewer resources to adapt to changes in climate and to protect their environment.

The farmers at Huadquiña work in harmony with the environment around us. It’s our responsibility to use practices that preserve our natural surroundings.

Tany Curi Leon, Manager, Huadquiña

How we do it

We work with our farmer-led partner, Producers Direct to provide training, funding, technology and technical support for farmers to adapt to and mitigate against climate change.  Not only does this help to restore the land and biodiversity, but it also improves yields and coffee quality, boosting incomes and community health and welfare.

Producers Direct also established Centres of Excellence in Peru and Uganda, which are farmer-run enterprises that provide complete comprehensive environmental support.

We invest the income from our coffee into a better life for our farmers and the nature around us!

Reynaldo Lopez Garcia, CESMACH cooperative

Practical support

Training and technical advice in a range of farming practices include:

  • eliminating chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to the environment and to health
  • fostering nutrient rich soils that support healthy plants and quality crops 
  • planting trees and shrubs to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and improve soil health
  • reducing greenhouse gases and generating cleaner energy
  • conserving water to reduce water usage
  • encouraging wildlife to help control pests and diseases
  • reducing waste by composting

Training takes place in person on demonstration farms or digitally by a network of farmer specialists. 


Case study

Climate action

In 2010, we began a pilot a reforestation project in the Sierra Piura region of Peru working alongside Norandino cooperative and Producers Direct.  Deforestation in the area had devasted coffee crops because of the protection that trees provide against heavy rain.  Forests also provide an important function of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

But the new trees needed to be protected against future deforestation.  A solution to this was using carbon credits to reward the local community for the planting of trees.  For every tonne of carbon captured by the new trees, the community receive a carbon credit that can be sold on the global carbon trading market, providing income for their labour.

Not only do the new trees bring healthy and resilient soils, but a wealth of biodiversity.

From 2010 to 2021 almost 600,000 trees were planted.

Our trees help us purify the air…It helps us with biodiversity especially. The white edged orioles, the parrots and many little birds that come here to live alongside us.

Herman Salvador, Norandino cooperative farmer


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