Our youth programmes invest in young coffee entrepreneurs to help the next generation THRIVE.

The challenges of making a living as a smallholder coffee farmer are causing younger people to seek alternative careers. In partnership with Producers Direct, we invest in a range of initiatives that support the next generation of coffee entrepreneurs to thrive

Enjoy this coffee knowing you are creating viable futures for young people and their communities to thrive.

Creating the next generation of coffee farmers

Often experiencing low or unpaid work in coffee farming, young people have been attracted by higher paid jobs in urban areas. 

We work with our farmer-led partner, Producers Direct to provide viable and exciting employment opportunities in agriculture so that young people thrive as entrepreneurs, business leaders and higher income-earners. 

By revitalising the sector, coffee production is an attractive venture for a new generation of farmers, increasing the prospects of entire economies that rely on smallholder farming.  And importantly, young people can reach their full potential.

Thanks to the training, I can now teach my family about how to produce the best coffee so that they always supply the cooperatives with good quality coffee, and receive a higher price for it.

Emely Johany Guerrero García , 17, Base Rinconada Distrito de Coipa San Ignacio

How we do it

As a farmer-led non-profit, Producers Direct works directly with farmers in cooperatives to grow their businesses.  We share our profits with Producers Direct, who generate youth involvement in farming by:

  • Fostering a variety of employment opportunities ranging from farming and selling, to logistics and digital specialist roles.

This includes training young people to support farmers in various ways including using the Farm Direct app, helping them to sell surplus produce, track their budgets and access training and information.

  • Providing low-interest loans that traditionally young people in agriculture cannot access and investing in youth-led agri-enterprises.
  • Scholarships to support young people in communities with professional skills.

Now that I’ve learned how to dry coffee, I will be able to improve the quality of the coffee in my farm. As a young producer, I am looking forward to bringing better quality coffee to the cooperative and I’d like to become a coffee taster.

Distrito de Huabal, Jaén

Nataly Nicole

Nataly is based in Piura, Peru and has been working as a youth agent through Producers Direct since 2021.  As a student in Agriculture Business Management the opportunity to support women to grow and sell vegetables was a great way to apply what she’d been learning.  The women work in coffee farming and with Nataly’s help they have been able to grow and sell vegetables,  and earn an income.

Nataly works with her fellow youth agents to build new businesses for the women farmers.  From sourcing good quality seeds to finding markets for their produce, and providing advice and support on sales, to logistics and training.


I did not have any work experience before I started working as a youth agent, so when I got the opportunity to work with the women in my community, I was excited because I knew I would have a chance to apply what I’ve been learning in school.

Nataly Nicole, Youth agent, Peru

Yacory Ocaña

Yacory is a youth agent in Las Tirias de Jaén, Peru.  Yacory grew up on a farm, but she notes that back then, her parents didn’t receive any support and advice.  Now, she enjoys being part of a network of Youth Agents who support the community’s farmers in improving their income. However, many other young people in the area have moved to the cities, away from the rural area and farms, less aware of the earning potential.

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