Our women-led initiatives EMPOWER women farmers to become business equals

Despite women playing a crucial role in coffee production, their work is often unpaid and unacknowledged.  This gender gap also affects overall coffee quality and productivity, which impacts family welfare.

Enjoy our EMPOWER coffee knowing that you are supporting gender equality programmes to empower women.

Gender equality leads to sustainable development

Gender equality is more than just a basic human right. It acts as a springboard to sustainable development. 

We work with our farmer-led partner, Producers Direct to empower women in farming cooperatives to become entrepreneurs, business leaders and higher income-earners.  As a result, this spurs productivity and economic growth for the whole farming community, with investment in family’s health, nutrition and education. 

This reality translates into a lower likelihood of child labour as well as improved health, water and sanitation.

At the Pangoa cooperative, men and women work in solidarity to improve the social, environmental and financial aspects of the business. This recognition of equality benefits our families and communities.

Esperanza Dionisio Castillo, CEO of Pangoa cooperative

We are stronger together

Women in agriculture face multiple barriers that limit their ability to earn enough to afford a decent standard of living. Challenges include a lack of access to credit and land, which is exacerbated by low financial and digital literacy, and a lack of access to training in technical skills and knowledge in coffee production.  

By harnessing the collective energy of men and women we redress the injustices faced by coffee growing communities.  This powerful community plays an important role in safeguarding our natural resources and they have the potential to rewrite the future for sustainable and inclusive coffee production.

Thanks to being paid directly for the coffee that I sell to cooperative, I have been able to educate my children and give them a great start.

Angelica Larriatagui, promoter at La Prosperidad de Chirinos

How we do it

As a farmer-led non-profit, Producers Direct works directly with farmers in cooperatives to grow their businesses.

We share our profits with Producers Direct, who improve gender equality through:

  • Financial investment  in women-led enterprises  within smallholder farming communities.
  • Training led by farmers that helps women improve the quality and yield of the crops they sell and the food they grow for their families.  They also learn how to start new enterprises on their farms.
  • Low-interest loans and financial services that traditionally women in agriculture cannot access. 
  • Technology (FarmDirect)that allows for women to sell their products collectively  to improve their negotiating power with buyers.



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