A Force for Good

We are proud to be the UK’s first and largest Fairtrade hot drinks brand, improving lives all over the world. And with at least a third of our sales certified as Soil Association Organic, we’d like to think we do our bit for the planet as well. We believe in being a force for good and here’s how we do it:

We share the profits

On top of the Fairtrade social premiums we pay for our crops, we invest up to 50% of our profits back into the grower communities we buy from. To date, that pledge has translated into more than £30 million for our farmers, who receive not just funds, but real sustainable support via Producers Direct, and Fairtrade and Organic Premiums.

When we say that our producers are at the heart of everything we do, we mean it. With 8 board members, 2 of them are producers who contribute to the decisions that govern our business. And over half of our producer partners own shares in our company, making them direct beneficiaries of our success.

We integrate sustainability

We believe all of our actions need to respect our environment. By weaving environmental and social strategies into our overall strategy, we have created a ridiculously good business which continually strives to reduce its environmental impact through our governing Gold Standard.

The way we buy

For a lot of our growers, Cafédirect was their first customer, giving them access to the market and the opportunity to expand and meet new buyers.

When we buy our coffee, tea and cocoa, we don’t use any middlemen to do the talking for us. Instead, we work with all of our growers directly, ensuring a straight-forward, respectful and fair trade. Most of our producers even own shares in the business, making our working relationship an active partnership.

With such active members, they are passionate about improving the business and building our customer base. So that passion translates in the best way: we are always getting the pick of the crop! And with knowledge and technology advancing, the quality of the beans continues to improve.


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