Fair price

We agree on the coffee price with the farmer  cooperatives directly, rather than through an importer.   And we always pay social and environmental premiums on top of the market price for coffee.

Social and environmental premiums

The cooperative spends the  social and environmental premiums we pay where it’s needed most. This could include reforestation, organic transition, health or housing, and it is always invested in improving coffee quality.

Long-term partnerships

Long-term partnerships with farmer cooperatives are what set us apart.  We were the first to do it in the industry and now  78% of our partnerships have been for over 20 years.  And in return, our partners always give us their very best coffee.

Why is this better for farmers?

These long-term agreements mean farmers can be sure of repeat purchases. This makes their businesses less risky so they can secure loans to invest in their farms.  With investment, farmers can improve coffee quality, income and environmental impact.

The partnerships result in better lives, better environmental standards and better tasting coffee.

Importers, on the other hand, are unlikely to purchase coffee from the same cooperative year after year, leaving them uncertain of future sales. This makes farming not only high risk but low reward, leaving the coffee sector unsustainable.