Behind The Brew



As Instagram feeds show curated images of latte art juxtaposed next to gorgeous Scandi homewares and organic homemade cakes, it is clear that single origin, organic and speciality coffees are not just passing trends. Read More


One question we often hear is “what is a blend?”, so we thought we’d explain blends more and run through our blends, helping you find the one (or ones!) which are right for you. Read More


Welcome to beautiful Peru, where the Chirinos district has about 50,000 inhabitants. The district has a long history in coffee farming and on February 8th 1968, the Chirinos co-operative was born. The co-op consisted of only 20 producers back then, but it’s been nearly 50 years since and the group now boasts up to 815 members of which 193 are women. Read More

What’s the alternative?

If you are anything like us, then you’ve heard about dairy alternatives before. Maybe you’ve even tried one. But what do you know about them really? And do they make for a great accompaniment to coffee? It’s time to wake up and smell the… dairy alternatives! Read More

MEET LUKE METTO – Farmers perspective from Kenya

The Cafedirect Producers Foundation has been active for several years, changing the lives of farmers all over the world. The secret to its success? A focus on sustainability! While the foundation is first and foremost a helping hand to farmers, its true value lies in the ability to assist in sharing information through its Centres of Excellence. Read More

CaféDirect: A Force For Good

Recently, the farmer-led charity the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) has received support from both the Fairtrade Foundation and Big Lottery Fund for its latest endeavour: the INSPIRE programme in Peru. In co-operation with key partners in Peru, CPF has been working directly with its nine Fairtrade-certified smallholder co-ops in the country. Read More


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