Gold Standard 2020-2030 - Cafédirect
30 years

Gold Standard

Our unique Gold Standard was set up in 1991 and ensures that we never veer from our founding principles – a guarantee to always pay a fair price for coffee, to include farmers in our governance and business decision making and to reinvest our profits into producer support and development programmes.

Today we’re still fighting to empower farmers and improve their livelihoods – but the Gold Standard has grown, as it rightly should. In 2020, we set Gold Standard goals for the next ten years and added a new ‘Customer’ pillar. Our ambitious sustainability strategy aligns our targets with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Race to Net Zero Ambitions.

Having tea and coffee farmers on our Board and represented as shareholders has guided our business through the past 30 years. Our long-term partnerships with farmers, Producers Direct, a farmer-led charity that we set up in 2009 and other stakeholders, places us in a unique position to demonstrate that business can truly be a force for good.  

By 2030, the Cafédirect experience will have inspired 15 million customers to make a positive contribution in the world.

By 2030, we want every grower in our value chain to be empowered and engaged, having a powerful voice and earning beyond a living income.

By 2030, we will be running our business within its environmental limits and have a net positive impact on the environment from grower to consumer.

By 2030, we will be a beacon of sustainable business and continue to be known for our pioneering approach in working in partnership with smallholder growers.