Mayan Gold

Mexico Dark Roast

Smooth and dark with a caramel sweetness, our Mayan Gold co­ffee displays the exotic vibrancy of the colourful Mexican state of Chiapas.


Chiapas is a southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala. Its mountainous highlands and dense rainforest are dotted with Mayan archaeological sites and Spanish colonial towns. Two of our cooperatives have their farms in the Parque Natural El Triunfo. El Trinufo is an expanse of cloud forest and tropical jungle home to pumas, spider monkeys & endangered bird species.


Renowned as the best-producing region in Mexico, coffee from Chiapas is of high quality. The flavours are complex with bright citric acidity and an array of sweet, caramel, toffee and honey tones and fruity notes.

Dark Roast

Dark roasts have a very bold and rich chocolate flavour. This is down to the roasting rather than the bean itself.






Our products are all recyclable, just take the bag to a recycling point in a large supermarket near you.

Grown to perfection

Surrounded by lush flora and diverse fauna, the members of CESMACH have always had a strong sense of guardianship of their environment.  They farm organically to protect the surrounding nature and a technical team supports its network of farmers with training on this. 

The cooperative has also been instrumental in supporting the region’s coffee industry to adapt to climate change through creating an international forum to address the concerns.

It is really magnificent the work Cafédirect does. Because you are helping us with training and that is really important for us.

Benjamin Gordillo López, farmer member of CESMACH

How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

Step One

For cafetieres try 1 tablespoon (15g) of coffee per cup (250ml). Don’t use boiling water as that will burn your coffee, leave it to cool for about a minute or so after reaching max temperature. 

Step Two

Pour the water in a circular motion to ensure all the grounds are coated with water. 

Step 3

Brew for 4 minutes then plunge slowly. Let the coffee settle and enjoy.