Intense Dark Roast

Perfect when you’re in the mood for a darker coffee that packs a bit of a punch. A superior blend offering an ideal balance of rich coffee flavours with a rounded finish.

Youth Leadership

Our youth programmes invest in young coffee entrepreneurs to help the next generation THRIVE.

Young people turn away from coffee farming because it offers little money and prospects. And with an ageing farming population, this leaves a sector with an uncertain future. Buying this coffee helps create viable futures for young people and their communities to thrive.


A dark roast with a syrupy body and a rich, intense flavour.

Dark Roast

Dark roasts have a very bold and rich chocolate flavour. This is down to the roasting rather than the bean itself.


Upto 2200m




Our products are all recyclable, just take the bag to a recycling point in a large supermarket near you.

How to brew the perfect cup using our beans


Step One

For cafetieres try 1 tablespoon (15g) of coffee per cup (250ml). Don’t use boiling water as that will burn your coffee, leave it to cool for about a minute or so after reaching max temperature. 

Step Two

Pour the water in a circular motion to ensure all the grounds are coated with water. 

Step 3

Brew for 4 minutes then plunge slowly. Let the coffee settle and enjoy.