Claire Rhodes, CEO of Producers Direct

Claire Rhodes is CEO of Producers Direct, a charity set up by Cafédirect in 2009 to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

More about Claire

Producers Direct is an award-winning charity led by farmers to design solutions to the challenges faced by smallholder farmers worldwide.

To date, Producers Direct has improved livelihoods for over 1 million small-scale farmers across East Africa and Latin America through a range of farmer-led services in-person and digitally, focussed on four key areas:  training and information services; access to financial services, market access and access to data to support farmers take smarter farming decisions.

International recognition for Producers Direct’s farmer-led work has included UK Google Impact Challenge winner, World Bank Collaborative Data Innovations, CGIAR 2020 Inspire Challenge Winner and 2020 WFP Innovation Accelerator awardee.

Claire has a strong background in sustainability, particularly sustainable agricultural and environmental management.

Before joining Producers Direct in 2009, Claire worked with a number of organisations promoting the leadership of small-scale farmers within international development processes – including with the United Nations, the US-based non-profit Eco agriculture Partners, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Department for International Development.

What to expect

Claire talks about the advantages of a charity led by international smallholder farmers and how its seen huge entrepreneurial successes by harnessing their knowledge.

With 80% of the world’s food and commodities coming from smallholder farmers, they are essential to our food and agricultural systems.  As farmers battle with the effects of climate change Claire explains how urgently businesses need to protect and replenish the environment they operate in for the survival of their livelihoods and our food supply.  And only by collaborating together – across organisations and countries – can we do this.

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