V60 Coffee Dripper

1 mins

The Hario V60 Dripper is one of the favourite brewing tools for coffee lovers and experts everywhere. The Hario V60’s simplicity and effectiveness make it an ideal method for extracting the bright and vibrant flavours coffee possesses.

The Hario V60 Dripper is an inverted cone shaped funnel that slowly drains extracted coffee through a filter. Due to its design and brewing time, the Hario V60 Dripper enables a optimum extraction bringing out the distinct flavours in the coffee, resulting in a clean, complex cup.

How to use your V60 Dripper

Place the V60 coffee filter paper in your V60 and rinse it before adding the coffee, in order to get rid of the paper taste.

Add the ground coffee and pour hot water slowly in circular motions. You should pour your water in intervals and all your water should be in your V60 by two minutes. Give your V60 a gentle swirl after every pour to make sure your evenly extracting your coffee.

Aim for 3 minutes for your brew to be fully extracted.

The V60 Dripper 02 White Ceramic comes with a free measuring spoon and instructions on how to use.

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