Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers



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Paper coffee filters for your Hario V60. They fit in perfectly in your coffee dripper, allowing the grounds to stay in contact for longer with the hot water, extracting more flavour and aromas in the process

How to Use Hario V60 Paper Filters:

Place the coffee paper filter in your V60 and rinse it before adding the coffee, in order to get rid of the paper taste.

Add the ground coffee and pour hot water slowly in circular motions. You should pour your water in intervals and all your water should be in your V60 by two minutes. Give your V60 a gentle swirl after every pour to make sure your evenly extracting your coffee.

Aim for 3 minutes for your brew to be fully extracted.

The Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers Include:

40 x V60 Coffee Filters

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