Roaster’s Choice London Fields

Mexico & Peru Medium Dark Roast

Rich & smooth espresso with a velvety chocolate ganache body, balanced with fudge and nougat sweetness.


Our London Fields Roaster’s Choice Espresso is a blend of a Typica varietal from Chiapas, Mexico and a Bourbon & Caturra varietal from Cajamarca, Peru. Our first component from Mexico comes from Ejidos Union San Fernando Co-operative, a partner in direct trade with Cafedirect since 1996. Our second component comes from Cooperativa La Prosperidad de Chirinos, one of our longest standing partners and an organisation that has been producing amazing and consistent coffee for over 50 years.


This is a medium to dark roast that has been specifically roasted for espresso brewing and is our darkest LFR offering so that we get a heavy and rich espresso that blends perfectly with milk. Expect a smooth and velvety chocolate ganache body with fudge and nougat sweetness – when blended with milk we found sweet notes of Caramel and Milk Chocolate that are classic profiles of Mexico and Peruvian coffees.

Medium Dark Roast

Dark roasts have a very bold and rich chocolate flavour. This is down to the roasting rather than the bean itself.





For all these years Cafédirect has generated sustainable development through better opportunities for our farmers. It’s improved the quality of life of our families.

Michael Anthony Montalvan Tineo, General Manager, La Prosperidad de Chirinos

How to brew the perfect cup using our beans

Step one

Measure your beans, use around 2 tbsp’s for a single cup of coffee. A medium grind is ideal for filter coffee and a fine grind is best for espresso.

Step two

For cafetieres try 1 tablespoon (15g) of coffee per cup (250ml). Don’t use boiling water as that will burn your coffee, leave it to cool for about a minute or so after reaching max temperature. 

Step three

Pour the water in circular motion to ensure all the grounds are coated with water.

Step four

Brew for 4 minutes then plunge slowly. Let the coffee settle and enjoy