Familia Espresso


Slow-roasted with a caramel, vanilla and citrusy finish in the mouth.

Family is everything

Our premium espresso roast is lovingly grown by our partner smallholder family run farming communities.

Families with passion and dedication to their craft, who we work together with to cultivate incredibly rich and delicious espresso.

From their families, to yours – via Cafédirect.


Blended with 100% speciality Arabica beans for a rich and developed flavour. A full-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate and treacle that produces a golden, velvety crema.

Dark Roast

Dark roasts have a very bold and rich chocolate flavour. This is down to the roasting rather than the bean itself.


Upto 2,200m




All our packaging is recyclable, just take the bag to a recycling point in a large supermarket near you.

How to brew the perfect cup using our beans


Step One

Remove your portafilter from the group head and flush the group head with boiling water for a few seconds. Empty the portafilter and make sure there is no leftover coffee grounds or moisture.

Step Two

Measure out 18g coffee into the portafilter, make sure your grounds are evenly spread across the basket by tapping the edges where the majority of your coffee sits until it is level.

Step Three

Tamp the coffee using a hand tamper to firmly and evenly compress the grounds. This will force out any air pockets and create a longer extraction. Make sure the rim of your portafilter is clean as this will cause an uneven extraction.

Step 4

Lock the portafilter into the group head by twisting it from left to right until tight, then place your cup underneath.