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26.32 mins 12/01/22

Erinch Sahan

Rethinking economics to save the planet

Erinch tells us about doughnut economics – the theory by British economist Kate Raworth, which argues that 20th century economic thinking is not equipped to deal with the 21st century reality of a planet teetering on the edge of climate breakdown.

The theory calls for a new way of business that better serves our communities within the planet’s boundaries, rather than the endless pursuit of profit.

More about Erinch

Erinch leads Doughnut Economics Action Lab’s (DEAL) work on business and enterprise. For over 10 years, he has focused on the transformation of the business world to make it regenerative and distributive by design – exploring governance and ownership models that embed social and ecological priorities.

Erinch’s background spans business, government, social enterprise and NGOs. Most recently, he was the Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organization, a global network and verifier of social enterprises and cooperatives that practice Fair Trade. Previously, he spent 7 years at Oxfam leading campaign and advocacy initiatives, and founded Oxfam’s Future of Business Initiative. He has also worked at Procter & Gamble as a market strategy manager, established a furniture business and worked for Australia’s aid programme.

Erinch speaks and writes regularly on cooperatives, social enterprises and other enterprise alternatives to profit primacy.


What to expect

Erinch shares how DEAL is turning this radical idea into transformative action, explains how business needs to change, and shares the findings from the paper that he co-authored, ‘Creating a New Economy: People and Planet First’.


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