Colombia Reserva

Colombia Medium Roast

Silky smooth and easy drinking. Notes of milk chocolate and a hint of citrus acidity.


The Coocentral Cooperative is based in Huila where the Andes, the world’s longest continental mountain range, splits into three. Micro-climates from the three distinct mountain ranges provide a variety in flavour for the beans.


Our Colombian coffee is high quality and complex with notes of citrus, stone fruits, chocolate and pistachio.

Medium Roast

Medium roasts have a smooth and well-balanced flavour. This is a combination of the roasting and inherent flavour in the bean itself. These coffees are good all-rounders for cafetieres and filters.






Our products are all recyclable, just take the bag to a recycling point in a large supermarket near you.

Grown to perfection

COOCENTRAL is one of the key Colombian cooperative partners. COOCENTRAL’s focus is on social programmes; they run a higher education program for farmers and their families whilst the Housing Improvement Program helps improved the homes of farmer’s dependant on their needs.

“The success of the cooperative is vitally important, and our approach is to preserve the welfare of our members’ families and ensure environmentally responsible production.”

Camila Lamilla Ramirez, farmer COOCENTRAL member

How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

Step One

For cafetieres try 1 tablespoon (15g) of coffee per cup (250ml). Don’t use boiling water as that will burn your coffee, leave it to cool for about a minute or so after reaching max temperature. 

Step Two

Pour the water in a circular motion to ensure all the grounds are coated with water. 

Step 3

Brew for 4 minutes then plunge slowly. Let the coffee settle and enjoy.