Our Impact - Cafédirect
Our Impact - Cafédirect

Our Impact

The Financial difference we've made to growers


Fairtrade premiums


Producers' Support


Organic Premiums


from 1991-2021

At Cafédirect, we are proud of delivering tangible impact through our direct relationships with farmers. Our Gold Standard is our guiding principle, ensuring that we include customers, farmers, environment and business in shaping the future we want. We deliver measurable impact through our commitment to Producers Direct, Fairtrade and Organic purchasing.

Producers Direct

Producers Direct is an award-winning charity that is owned and led by small-scale farmers. By sharing our profits with Producers Direct, we are partnering directly with farmers to improve the quality of their crops and the quality of their livelihoods. Producers Direct supports seven Centres of Excellence in Peru and Africa, which runs farmer-led programmes for local producers. The Producers Direct model is structured across 4 key areas (see below) with farmers, youth and producer organisations playing key roles in delivering its services.

The Producers Direct Model

Training and information services
Training and advice on successful farming techniques delivered by peers.
Access to finance
Farmer loans to improve farm productivity.
Market Access
Access to new markets and buyers.
Data for decision making
Technology to track and share agricultural data for better business planning.

Producers Direct's Impact

1.3 million +

better livelihoods for farmers and their families


increase in income for farmers running additional enterprises

96% farmers

with a new enterprise report it improved incomes

Producers Direct is powered by strong local teams, promoter farmers and a growing youth network. Together they have been working to empower smallholder communities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Peru. Supporting them to strengthen their resilience to rapidly changing climates; to increase their on-farm incomes and build a farmer-led approach for sustainable food production.

More about Producers Direct

Cafédirect purchases 100% Fairtrade Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. Cafédirect was the first coffee company to certify Roast and Ground coffee in 1994. Buying Fairtrade ensures that farmers are paid a minimum Fairtrade price for their goods as well as an additional Fairtrade Premium. This is especially important when the price of coffee is lower than the cost of production. By purchasing Fairtrade goods, farmers are supported to improve production techniques, invest in their communities and plan for the future. To date, Cafédirect has contributed over £21 million in Fairtrade Premiums, which cooperatives are able to spend on improving the quality of their crops through sustainable methods that support both people and planet.

A closer look at coffee prices


Cafédirect guarantees to pay the Fairtrade Minimum Price of $1.40 per lb of coffee it buys from farming cooperatives. With this secure income, growers can manage their crops sustainably and focus on improving the quality of their produce. This price guarantee gives farmers and cooperatives the certainty they need to manage and invest their businesses.

Buying coffee on Fairtrade terms also means paying an additional Premium of $0.20 per lb on top of the Fairtrade Minimum Price. Fairtrade terms stipulate that a quarter of this must be invested in improving quality and yields. The remainder of the Fairtrade Premium can be put towards a local community project of the cooperative members' choosing. For example, they might decide to invest the funds into a coffee wet mill and drying station which can improve the quality of coffee for all cooperatives members.

The far-reaching impact of Fairtrade

We are proud that over 62% of our coffee purchases are organic and certified by the Soil Association. All our Organic certified products have been grown without pesticides and with minimal environmental impact, allowing the flavours to develop naturally at their own pace.

We work directly with 13 organic coffee cooperatives from 2 countries.

Over half of our coffee purchases are organic.

We pay a $0.30 per lb premium for the organic coffee we buy.

We have paid £2m in organic premiums to date.

Pesticides and fertilisers from non-toxic, renewable sources with positive environmental impact and better flavoured coffee.

Better livelihoods for smallholders who benefit from the organic premium to invest in sustainable, organic production methods.

Healthier soil retains nutrients and water so is less susceptible to erosion and extreme weather.

Organic fertilisers are made from local waste, it's cost effective and reduces the need for expensive and carbon-producing transportation methods.

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