You may have heard us say that we reinvest up to 50% of our profits into the grower communities we buy from. And you may know that this is on top of the Fairtrade social premiums we pay for our crops. But what does it mean, really?

The short and sweet of it is: we believe in the big picture. And we believe in our growers.

Our growers are experts in their field and that means they are best placed to decide how to allocate funds for improving their communities. Because our business has grown steadily from those early beginnings, the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) was created in 2009 to manage these relations.

In 2018 CPF became Producers Direct. Like CPF was, Producers Direct is a registered charity that’s led by growers with exactly one beneficiary: the growers themselves. And as a non-profit organisation, Producers Direct can raise additional funding on top of Cafédirect contributions to support our farmers. Ranging from international development donors, to philanthropists and even big companies like MasterCard, Producers Direct has grown into a powerful force for good.

Producers Direct’s main objective is to improve livelihoods. In order to achieve this, they start from the bottom: by organising training, education and information services by farmers for farmers, the growers are able to continually improve their crops. They’re supported in diversifying crops as well, in response to climate change in some areas. They receive advice on bookkeeping and other financial matters, ensuring their business is sustainable and prepared for the future.

Some of the Producers Direct projects have turned into spin-offs themselves, like the data-business WeFarm: knowledge sharing is encouraged so everyone can benefit from better methods to farm. It may look like a small step, but the infrastructure to make it happen is huge and wholly unheard of before Producers Direct stepped in. We are proud to work closely with them and support the foundation as much as we can, knowing that the investment goes exactly who we want it to: the growers themselves.

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