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A Ridiculously Good Business and a certified B Corp!



B Corps are a new kind of business acting in a sustainable and transparent way. We all meet the highest environmental and social standards. When you buy from a B Corp it’s a small step towards a better world for all.

At Cafédirect, we believe in ridiculously good coffee and ridiculously good business. That’s why it was natural for us to become a certified B Corp. Cafédirect is the first UK coffee brand to be awarded this prestigious certification. This demonstrates that Cafédirect has exceeded the high standards that need to be met across 4 key areas: governance, workers, environmental impact and community. To be accredited we needed to pass a rigorous assessment and score over 80. We are delighted to share that we received a score of 97!

What’s a B Corp?

Certified B Corps work to be the best companies IN the world and the best companies FOR the world. Their commitment is exemplary and is shown through creating greater economic opportunity, strengthening local communities and respecting the needs of our natural environment. B Corps show the world that it is possible to do business differently.

Cafédirect looks forward to joining a global network of B Corps that collectively aims to push for more sustainable business policies and fairer trade deals in the future that considers the social and environmental costs and impacts of doing business.

Cafédirect has always been pioneering. As well as being the first UK coffee company to be Fairtrade certified, Cafédirect always goes above and beyond to champion better ways of doing business. Unlike any other coffee company, Cafédirect invests 50% of its profits directly back into Producers Direct, a UK charity that works directly with growers around the world.

“Cafédirect has incredible impact! Every bag or packet of Fairtrade tea, coffee and cocoa provides much needed income to support communities; engaging farmers in the leadership of the business and reinvesting funds in bold and innovative projects.” – John Steel, CEO Cafédirect

By supporting Cafédirect, you are driving change towards a fairer trading system and empowering smallholder farmers around the world. #BtheChange

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