Subscription and Shop FAQs:

If you mainly brew your coffee with an espresso machine or stovetop, or like to add milk to it, then our Espresso plan is for you. If you generally brew in a cafetiere, Aeropress, or V60 then our Filter roast is the ideal plan for you. You can easily switch between the two at any time on your account page.

Our Filter coffees are roasted light – medium to bring out all the nuances of the flavour of the coffees. These coffees are best brewed in cafetiere, Aeropress or pour overs like Hario’s V60. They are best drunk black or with a dash of milk to taste. If you order your coffee ground it will be a medium grind to suit all filter methods.

Our Espresso coffees are created to be more suited to espresso methods of brewing. They are roasted slightly darker than our filter coffees to ensure they deliver the intensity of flavour needed to give you a true espresso experience, and to cut through the milk if you are making lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites. If you order this coffee ground it will ground fine to suit espresso brewing methods.

Fresh coffee should be kept in a cool dry place. It needs protecting against light, heat, air and moisture to keep it at its best. An air-tight ceramic jar on a cool shelf works very well.

Our 250g coffees through 95% of all letterboxes. Our 1kg coffees do not fit through the letterbox.

Unfortunately we do not currently deliver outside of the UK.

Gift FAQs:

Each month they will get a 250g bag of specialty coffee from around the world, chosen by our experts, and a beautiful leaflet explaining the provenance of the coffee with our tasting notes.

The gift recipient will receive an email with their gift code and instructions on how to redeem. Alternatively you can choose to receive the gift code and share with the recipient directly. They can then use this code to redeem their coffee at any time, within the expiry date. Once they have set up the coffee subscription their first coffee will be dispatched the following working day.


No, you will get the order confirmation email, you can choose if the recipient receives their gift code directly or you can choose to receive it and share it with them however you wish.

Unfortunately we do not currently deliver outside of the UK.

No, we don’t. Recipients are sent an email once their final coffee is dispatched letting them that they can renew it if they want, if they don’t then the account is closed.

12 months at the end of which the code will expire and be non-refundable.

9 times out of 10 this is resolved by ensuring you are using capital letters, and that ‘I’s, ‘L’s, ‘1’s and ‘0’s ‘O’s aren’t mixed up. If this still doesn’t work contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted for you.

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