Aeropress Coffee Maker



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The AeroPress coffee presser is a quick and easy brewing method that is an innovative and effective way of  extracting the full body and complex flavours in a coffee, allowing for a smooth delicious espresso like brew. What’s more, it’s very cheap, easy to clean and maintain making it perfect for coffee on the go.

How to use your Aeropress:

Place the Aeropress filter paper in the Aeropress cap and secure it to the body, then place the body on top of your cup.

Empty your coffee grounds into the Aeropress body, pour in your water to the top saturating all the grounds. Gently stir and leave to brew for 2 minutes.

Carefully insert your plunger creating a vacuum and push down with your extracted coffee being forced out into your cup.

The box also includes:

  • 350 micro filters
  • Plastic holder for filters
  • Coffee scoop
  • Funnel
  • Stirrer

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