Roaster’s Choice Seasonal Espresso

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Peru & Papua New Guinea- Grass Roots Paul Pora & Huadquiña Percy Salcedo

Tasting Notes – Limoncello, candied orange & fuji apple


For our Roasters Choice Seasonal Espresso offering we combine coffees from different origins around the world to achieve a unique expression of flavour, acidity, and body that we believe encompasses the tastes and aromas associated with each season of the year. Some blends are borne out of experimentation, while others are the fulfilment of a desired flavour profile. The unison of each coffees diverse flavour and characteristics creates an enhanced taste experience those individual coffees could not create. 

Our Roaster’s Choice Espresso offering is an exceptional blend of this Natural Typica, Arusha and Bourbon mixed varietal lot from the Grass Roots wet mill in Papua New Guinea, and a beautiful Washed lot from producer Percy Salcedo from one of our cooperative partners in Peru, Huadquiña.

Paul Pora owns the Grass Roots wet mill in Western PNG and picks and buys only the highest quality cherries from the surrounding farms. After handpicking them himself, they are shipped to the Eastern highlands for processing and preparation. The natural process involves drying the cherry on raised beds, with the fruit and mucilage left intact. This allows the natural sugars to ferment around the bean, with the flavour seeping into the bean leaving that distinct rum-like flavour we know from a good natural.

When blending this with a washed South American coffee, like this Typica and Bourbon varietal from the Huadquiña cooperative, you can create a unique Espresso.

Huadquiña is a key producer for CaféDirect and they handpick each of their coffees depending upon the Lunar cycle. Due to the belief that the coffee plants heal faster after pruning under a full moon. This 24-hour fermented washed lot brings bright, candied orange acidity to the shot, balanced with the thick, juicy body from the Natural PNG and allows an extremely interesting and pleasant espresso with milk or to be enjoyed straight away!

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