Roaster’s Choice Seasonal Espresso

Uganda & Nicaragua
Tasting Notes - Green Apple, Toffee & Cherry

From: £7.95 / month


For our Roasters Choice Seasonal Espresso offering we combine coffees from different origins around the world to achieve a unique expression of flavour, acidity, and body that we believe encompasses the tastes and aromas associated with each season of the year. Some blends are borne out of experimentation, while others are the fulfillment of a desired flavour profile. The unison of each coffees diverse flavour and characteristics creates an enhanced taste experience those individual coffees could not create. 

Our Roaster’s Choice Espresso offering is an exceptional blend of two washed coffees, one from the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda while the other derives from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

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From: £7.95 / month
From: £7.95 / month
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