Roaster’s Choice Espresso

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Honduras & Guatemala – Liquidambar & Santa Clara

Tasting Notes – Golden Honey, Milk Chocolate & Rum


For our Roasters Choice Seasonal Espresso offering we combine coffees from different origins around the world to achieve a unique expression of flavour, acidity, and body that we believe encompasses the tastes and aromas associated with each season of the year. Some blends are borne out of experimentation, while others are the fulfilment of a desired flavour profile. The unison of each coffees diverse flavour and characteristics creates an enhanced taste experience those individual coffees could not create. 

Our brand new Roasters Choice Seasonal Espresso is a blend of two coffees from Roberto Gonzalez and his Liquidambar farm in Honduras and Miguel Gonzalez and his Santa Clara farm in Guatemala. Each coffee brings exceptional yet contrasting sweetness to the espresso, the Santa Clara gives the espresso a smooth chocolate body and creamy mouthfeel with the Liquidambar complementing this with sweet honey and boozy notes giving the espresso lively and complex characteristics.

Finca Liquidambar is located 1,550 metres above sea level in the Montecillo mountain range of San Jose, La Paz. The farm’s surrounding natural environment is uniquely protected for the preservation of diverse species of flora and fauna as well as the native ecosystems. Roberto is currently working for 20 hectares of his farm to be formally recognized as a nature reserve and for it to become a tourist attraction. The boozy notes shining through are a result of anaerobic fermentation, a processing method that is tricky to maintain and even more difficult to perfect. Roberto and his family have done a wonderful job with this coffee, balanced, creamy, boozy and sweet golden honey.

Finca Santa Clara is located 1600 meters above sea level amongst the highest mountain ranges in Central America, where the limestone soil has high pH levels. The regions climate is unique
as thermal hot masses of air coming down from the Gulf of Mexico mix with the cooler air that descends from the Cuchumatanes mountain range. This mixture of air creates a perfect
microclimate allowing coffee to grow at high altitudes without being affected by frost damage. The altitude, climate and soil enables slow development of the coffees flavour and contributes to
the amazing sweetness and complexity this coffee showcases.


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