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Coffee Trends For 2021

The world of coffee is constantly changing, with innovative brewing appliances, ever-changing consumer preferences, and exciting new blended coffees. So, what changes can we expect

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The History of Coffee

Coffee remains one of the world’s most popular drinks. Coffee beans are the second-most traded commodity in the global economy and coffee culture has made

The Water In Your Coffee

An often overlooked element in the coffee-making process is the one which makes up to 98% of any black coffee – water. After going to

How we roast our coffee

A big part of the Cafédirect Handpicked experience is that the coffee is freshly roasted to its own particular taste profile. The team at the roastery work tirelessly to find the best roast for each coffee, testing different profiles, cupping each batch and selecting the perfect one. To help you understand the process better, our head roaster Hugo, explains how it all works.

How to make frothy milk

When you are at a coffee shop enjoying a nice drink, one thing that is incredibly satisfying is just how perfectly they manage to froth

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