The Water In Your Coffee

An often overlooked element in the coffee-making process is the one which makes up to 98% of any black coffee – water.

After going to the effort of choosing the perfect coffee subscription service and investing in your preferred coffee equipment, we usually think very little about the water we use for brewing. However this step can prove crucial in bringing out the best in your coffee.

Water quality can vary dramatically depending on your location, so filtering your water is certainly something to consider. Removing impurities from tap water can improve the brightness and character of your brew. Another advantage to using filtered water is that it reduces the buildup of limescale in your equipment, reducing the likelihood of equipment issues in future.

Things to consider:

1. Use fresh water each time. Don’t reboil water and make sure you don’t have it stored in your espresso machine or kettle when not in use. If you reboil the water, it loses oxygen. which is a key element for brewing a fresh, flavoursome coffee. 

2. Use filtered water to ensure you remove any impurities from the water.

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