Roaster’s Choice Decaf

Peru - Swiss Water Decaf
Tasting Notes - Chocolate & caramel sweetness, crisp fruit acidity and clean finish. A great espresso and filter.

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For our Roasters Choice Decaf coffee subscription offering we look to find high quality coffees that have been cared for during farming and decaffeination processes, allowing for the coffees natural characteristics to shine through, giving each coffee the same flavour and aroma qualities you find in caffeinated coffees. Our decaf offerings are full of complexity and structure which some decaffeinated coffees do not possess as they are often not given the time or attention they deserve.

Find out more about different coffee decaffeination processes and the best methods for a flavourful cup on our blog.

Our current Roasters Choice Decaf coffee subscription destination is from Peru with chocolate & caramel sweetness, crisp fruit acidity and clean finish. A great espresso and filter.

This coffee has been decaffeinated using the ‘Swiss water Method’, a trademarked name and process developed in Switzerland in the 30’s and has been brought to the wider market by the Swiss Water Decaf Company in Vancouver, Canada. Using supercritical water i.e. heated, and also under pressure, the water acts as both a liquid and a gas, washing out the caffeine but also the majority of the flavor of the coffee. The water is saturated by flavor compounds and the caffeine and is drawn through a filter that is sized to only capture caffeine molecules. This is the clever bit – the flavorless beans are discarded, and a fresh batch brought in and soaked in the green coffee extract. Since the soluble flavor compounds are already in the water/GCE, the similar compounds in the coffee remain in the coffee, but the caffeine-free water readily accepts the caffeine from the coffee (it’s to do with concentration gradients and osmosis).

Far less invasive to the final coffee and with superior taste to chemical processes, and certifiable as an organic process, this method really does offer a great tasting alternative.

We recommend you endeavour to receive your decaf coffee subscription as beans, as it will aid your coffee in staying fresher for longer and will keep those flavours and aromas that make that coffee distinct and vibrant locked in. If this isn’t possible we can grind your beans to suit your preferred brew method. Your coffee subscription will be accompanied by a detailed leaflet outlining tasting notes, historical backdrops, environmental landscapes and inspiring and innovative stories of the coffees journey from the farm to your brew at home.

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