Hario Mini-Slim Pro Coffee Hand Grinder (Black)


A compact hand coffee grinder, perfect for grinding coffee beans at home or on the go. It can grind around 25g-30g of coffee beans, enough for approximately 2 cups. It’s easy to use and to clean and can be adjusted to different types of grind. With a silicone grip, the clear plastic lid gives you a clear view of how much longer you have to grind without having to worry about the lid falling off.

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Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder (Black)

The Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder features a modern design, durable black stainless steel body and reinforced hexagonal adapter with die-cast aluminum handle for increased grind consistency and reduced wear. The ceramic burr mill is easily adjusted for right grind coarseness, providing a consistent grind for perfect, fresh coffee. The The Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder’s small, lightweight and slim design makes for easy storage and travel – and can be stored without handle. This coffee grinder also features a transparent lid with silicone grip.

Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: W150 × D74 × H210mm
  • 24g Capacity
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramic Burr
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