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Rich & Chocolatey

From: £7.95 / month

Nicaragua – La Cascada

Tasting Notes – A toffee-like sweetness with notes of roasted macadamia nuts and chocolate


For our Rich & Chocolatey offering we rotate your coffee destination every three months to ensure you receive the freshest coffee from the tastiest microlots. You will generally receive coffees from the Americas. South America has the terroir and varietals to produce full bodied coffees, with rich chocolatey flavours that are well balanced with sweet notes of caramel and nuts and often with subtle citrus acidity.

Our latest Rich and Chocolatey offering comes from Genaro Herrera and his La Cascada farm, located in Nicaragua between the mountain ranges of northern San Fernando and Nueva Segovia – considered the ‘cradle for specialty coffee in Nicaragua’. Genaro’s commitment to quality has led him to consistently place in the top 25 scoring coffees in Nicaragua in recent years. This year’s lot has a toffee-like sweetness with notes of roasted macadamia nuts and chocolate.

We recommend you endeavor to receive your coffee as beans, as it will aid your coffee in staying fresher for longer and will keep those flavours and aromas that make that coffee distinct and vibrant locked in. If this isn’t possible we can grind your beans to suit your filter brew method. Your coffee subscription will be accompanied by a detailed leaflet outlining tasting notes, historical backdrops, environmental landscapes and inspiring and innovative stories of the coffees journey from the farm to your brew at home.