Myanmar Ruby Hills Limited Edition

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Myanmar– Ruby Hills (SCA Score: 86)

Tasting Notes – Notes of elderflower, raspberry and vanilla with a crisp orange acidity.


Our latest Limited Edition coffee comes from Ruby Hills situated in Mogok, Mandalay region of Myanmar.

“Delicate aroma of vanilla and elderflower, followed with a juicy pop of raspberry and candied orange peel. This coffee has a crisp acidity with great structure” David, Coffee Roaster

The farm is family owned and operated by the Arrow Brothers, who have grown and processed coffee since 2002. It has 65 acres and an elevation of 1,500 MASL. Thi Ha Gyawalie is taking the lead in growing and processing coffees at his family farm. A certified Q Grader and processing professional, Thi Ha is an avid experimenter interested  in carbonic maceration and crafting interesting new profiles.

Cherries are harvested at peak ripeness, going through floatation and pulping within 4 hours of harvest. Fermentation then takes place for 48-72 hours, removing excess air and headspace and allowing the bacteria to breakdown the acids to form new flavour and aroma compounds. After fermentation is complete the coffee is dried for 20-24 days on raised beds.

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