London Fields Roaster’s Choice Organic Coffee Beans 1kg


Colombia – Planadas

Tasting Notes – A delicate floral aroma with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and apple.

Our London Fields Range is a range of ethically sourced coffees from distinctive growing regions around the world. Each coffee brings an individuality and uniqueness that is truly representative of their natural origins, flavours and aromas.

This limited edition single origin coffee comes from La Asociación de Productores Egológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP), a thriving organization of coffee farming families, based in the idyllic town of Planadas, Colombia.

ASOPEP was founded in January, 2013, with the following mission: “To be known as an association that creates opportunities for the personal growth of its members, protects the environment, innovates in commercial business processes and is always in the vanguard of specialty coffee producers worldwide.” From our experience working with ASOPEP and their coffees, we can attest that their mission is a success. The 168 member families include 30 families where women are heads of the household and manage the farming operations. Educational capacity building workshops are at the core of ASOPEP’s program to ensure long term sustainability of their success. While many coffee growing countries struggle with keeping young generations interested in coffee production, an impressive 30% of ASOPEP’s farmer members are between 20-30 years old.

This limited edition single origin coffee is a canvas for our roasters to explore origins, seasonality and flavours. The coffees change regularly throughout the year, each time with a new origin, story and fresh seasonal flavour notes.



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