London Fields Roaster’s Choice Organic Coffee Beans 1kg


Sidamo, Ethiopia

Tasting Notes – A soft burst of blueberry like acidity followed with rich notes of blackberry and chocolate orange, with a black tea finish.

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Our London Fields Range is a range of ethically sourced coffees from distinctive growing regions around the world. Each coffee brings an individuality and uniqueness that is truly representative of their natural origins, flavours and aromas.

This limited edition single origin coffee comes from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee itself.

Our Roaster’s Choice coffee highlights the vibrant complexity and depth of flavour exhibited by Ethiopian coffees. Enjoy distinguished notes of blackberry and chocolate orange with a soft burst of blueberry acidity followed by a black tea finish.

Sidamo farmers cultivate their coffees at altitudes around 2000 metres, and each have around 3 hectares of land. As is the case across Ethiopia, most of the coffees grown locally are organic by default and consist mostly of naturally indigenous heirloom varieties. Due to difficulties in genetic testing and distinguishing between varieties, the name ‘Ethiopian Heirloom’ exists as an umbrella term to describe all the many thousands of variants. For such a small country to contain such a vast array of varieties and with each variety having its own unique properties lends Ethiopian Heirlooms to be complex and contrasting in their flavours, acidities and aromas.

This limited edition single origin coffee is a canvas for our roasters to explore origins, seasonality and flavours. The coffees change regularly throughout the year, each time with a new origin, story and fresh seasonal flavour notes.