London Fields D. R. Congo Organic Espresso Beans 1kg


Muungano DRC Congo, Kivu

Tasting Notes – Rich and intense body with complex notes of honeycomb, dark chocolate and delicate lime acidity.

Our London Fields Range is a range of ethically sourced coffees from distinctive growing regions around the world. Each coffee brings an individuality and uniqueness that is truly representative of their natural origins flavours and aromas.  Our Congo Espresso is meticulously small batched roasted and given time for the intense body and complex flavours to develop.

This speciality single origin Arabica coffee is grown on lush slopes, overlooking Lake Kivu in the province of South Kivu, DR Congo. The Muungano co-op are Fairtrade and Organic certified and are leading the way for an emerging growing region. MUUNGANO means “Togetherness” in Swahili. In 2009, 350 founding members came together and founded the Muungano Coffee Cooperative in eastern DR Congo. Today, all 4,300 Muungano members live in different communities that were divided by the civil war.

These dedicated coffee farmers made the choice to unite and combine their strengths in order to build a great future for their communities. The region possesses an exemplary combination of soil, climate and altitude and with the recent construction of a local micro washing station the ripe cherries can be processed immediately after picking, optimising the amount of sugars in the cherries which helps create the unique sweet taste profile of this coffee.


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