Gift Hamper – Bright & Aromatic with Hario V60


This beautiful coffee gift hamper includes two 250g bags of expertly roasted Bright & Aromatic coffee accompanied by the sophisticated Hario V60 dripper and paper filters.


Your giftee will receive our Bright and Aromatic destination offering, a coffee that showcases a juicy body, vibrant red berry notes balanced with sweet chocolate caramel flavours, and a bright orange acidity that fills the mouth.

This coffee gift hamper includes the Hario V60, which is a simple and effective method of extracting the complex flavours our Bright and Aromatic possesses. The V60 is an inverted cone shaped funnel that slowly drains extracted coffee through a filter revealing a coffee’s delicate characteristics.

When used to brew our Bright & Aromatic your giftee’s coffee will be light bodied with clean bright flavours and elegant crisp acidity’s that only the Hario V60 drip filter can offer.

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