El Salvador El Cipres Limited Edition

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El Salvador – El Cipres (SCA Score: 85)

A limited release microlot coffee with cherry sweetness, vibrant and juicy orange acidity, milk chocolate notes and a heavy caramel mouthfeel.


El Cipres is located on the north slopes of the Picacho Volcano in the Bálsamo-Quezaltepec coffee region, in the municipality of Nejapa. The estate has been in the family since 1880 after being bought by Dr Emilio Alvarez Lalinde when the family migrated to El Salvador from Colombia, bringing with them an ancestry & knowledge in coffee production. The Estate is now run by the Alvares Gallardo family, who took over in 1992 bringing a new passion and dedication to the farm, working hard to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification as well as improving all aspects of the estate ensuring all workers are treated with respect and dignity.

“El Salvador’s coffee industry has huge economic importance, with boom and bust cycles brought on by what Salvadorans refer to as ‘el Grano de Oro’ (the ‘grain of gold’). Enjoy cherry sweetness with vibrant and juicy orange acidity, milk chocolate notes and a heavy caramel mouthfeel” – Sam, Coffee Roaster.

We recommend you endeavour to receive your coffee as beans, as it will aid your coffee in staying fresher for longer and will keep those flavours and aromas that make that coffee distinct and vibrant locked in. If this isn’t possible we can grind your beans to suit your filter brew method. Your coffee will be accompanied by a detailed leaflet outlining tasting notes, historical backdrops, environmental landscapes and inspiring and innovative stories of the coffee’s journey from the farm to your brew at home.