D. R. Congo Kitaragha Limited Edition

From £8.95 per bag

D. R. Congo – Kitaragha (SCA Score: 84)

This rare Blue Mountain variety microlot coffee has a creamy sweet body, bright citrus acidity and floral notes of jasmine.


We are delighted to present a wonderful coffee from the Kitaragha washing station, part of the Coopade Co-operative, located in North Kivu within the Virunga National Park. The world’s oldest national park is home to the largest diversity of birdlife in the world and is the last refuge for the highly endangered mountain gorilla. It is also rife with conflict and ongoing violence against those who visit, work and live in the park. Co-operation between Coopade, its farmers and charities, operating within the park, is encouraging peace through the growth of specialty coffee.

“The authentic Blue mountain variety from Jamaica is incredibly rare, in huge demand and very expensive. Now it is being cultivated in other countries, it’s allowed more consumers to enjoy its outstanding qualities on a larger, more affordable and equal scale. This coffee exhibits the creamy sweet body and bright citrus acidity we get from the Blue Mountain Variety as well as floral notes of jasmine.” – David, Coffee Roaster.

We recommend you endeavour to receive your coffee as beans, as it will aid your coffee in staying fresher for longer and will keep those flavours and aromas that make that coffee distinct and vibrant locked in. If this isn’t possible we can grind your beans to suit your filter brew method. Your coffee will be accompanied by a detailed leaflet outlining tasting notes, historical backdrops, environmental landscapes and inspiring and innovative stories of the coffee’s journey from the farm to your brew at home.