Colombia Los Naranjos Limited Edition

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Colombia– Los Naranjos (SCA Score: 87)

Tasting Notes – Notes of cranberry, blueberry and milk chocolate with a bright orange acidity.


Our latest Limited Edition coffee comes from producer Alberto Penecuque at his Los Naranjos farm situated in Gaitania, Tolima region of Colombia.

“This coffee is a fantastic representation of the historic and genetically inherent qualities of the Typica variety combined and enhanced with the innovative anaerobic fermentation technique used by contemporary farmers like Alberto. The amalgamation of both these elements creates a complex coffee that has outstanding clarity of sweet and fruity flavours balanced with orange acidity and smooth mouthfeel”

Colombian farmers are at the forefront of processing experimentation and anaerobic fermentation, although not a new technique, is growing in popularity due to the complex flavour profiles it can produce. Nearly all coffee undergoes some type of fermentation as bacteria and yeast begin to convert acids and sugars in the coffee’s mucilage (skin), into new and different acids. These compounds then absorb into the coffee seed building up wonderfully unique flavours that are released when roasted.  Unlike other fermentation techniques, anaerobic fermentation occurs when all the oxygen is removed from the vessels containing our cherries and valves help to keep the cherries oxygen free, allowing a slower fermentation process, resulting in the wonderfully rich tasting coffee with incredible sweetness and complexity.

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