Colombia Buesaco Cherry Limited Edition

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Colombia – Buesaco Cherry (SCA Score: 86)

Tasting Notes – A juicy, clean and floral coffee with notes of cherry and cranberry and a crisp apple acidity.


Our latest Limited Edition coffee comes from Buesaco situated high in the Andes mountains within the Narino region of Colombia.

“Delicate floral aroma with a juicy body and a clean, crisp green apple acidity. Bright notes of cranberry and cherry are revealed as the coffee cools” George, Coffee Roaster.

Coop Cafes Especiales de Narino has a regional reputation for quality and the co-op cups coffees throughout delivery to build lots that are uniform and consistent in bean size and cup profile. The Buesaco Cherry lot is juicy, clean and floral, named for its fruit forward profile, created by allowing the coffee to rest longer in the cherry either on the tree or after being harvested. Producers fully wash the coffee on their respective properties and deliver the coffee in parchment where they are compensated according to the quality and consistency of their coffee.

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