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41.13 mins 17/11/21

Mike Gidney

Why Fairtrade is important for all of us

In this episode we explore the fundamentals of Fairtrade and how giving  a better deal to farmers and working closely with them will  help our planet and our businesses, along with farmers’ livelihoods.

More about Mike

Mike Gidney has worked in international development for 30 years, with a particular focus on fighting poverty through trade. He joined the Fairtrade Foundation in 2009 as Deputy Executive Director, before becoming Chief Executive in 2012. Prior to this, he spent eight years as Director of Policy at Traidcraft, where he led their public policy programme on issues including EU-ACP trade relations and UK Company Law reform.

Mike is a member of the World Trade Board and sits on the UK Government’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group.

What to expect

Fairtrade works to provide worker’s rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay to farmers and workers who are marginalised from trade in various ways.  Trade on favourable terms strengthens economies by improving livelihoods and communities, and helps farmers adapt to and mitigate against climate change.

Mike explains how working closely with producers and leveraging these relationships has incredible advantages for a business. 

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