Mayan Gold

16th April 2020

When you think of Mexico, what springs to mind? Amazing food? The Day of the Dead festival? Vibrant colours? Frieda Kahlo? Your first thought might not be coffee. Yet, Cafédirect is launching on 20th April a BRAND NEW dark, smooth with a caramel finish tasting coffee called ‘Mayan Gold’. This coffee is sourced from the Southern region of Mexico specifically from Chiapas and Oaxaco regions.

One of the cooperatives that we buy this delicious Fairtrade and Organic coffee is Ejidos San Fernando. This cooperative was founded in 1984 and has grown from 17 farmers to a thriving community of 1300 with 40% female membership.


San Fernando’s mission is aligned with Cafédirect’s:  to improve the livelihoods and productivity of its producers. Yet even in the 80s, the founding members of the cooperative recognised a need to evolve their production methods to produce better quality coffee whilst farming in a way that respects their delicate eco-systems.

San Fernando transitioned from using conventional (non-organic) farming methods to slowly adapting and integrating natural fertilisers. They made this decision based upon watching first hand how climate change was damaging their crops and making them vulnerable to leaf rust. A combination of replanting some of their crops at higher altitudes; practicing sustainable agricultural techniques and using natural organic inputs created the perfect conditions for creating a speciality quality coffee and positioning themselves as leading specialists in growing organic coffee. As our green coffee buyer, Matt McDonald, observed the Mayan Gold is a “coffee that you can drink all day”.

Try it for yourself- Mayan Gold is available at Waitrose shops from 20th April 2020.

Discover more about Ejidos San Fernando Cooperative.


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